Mother Demands Justice After Death Of 12-Year-Old Chrisland High School (Video)

A Nigerian mother, Mrs. Blessing Adeniran, has taken to the internet to demand answers from the administration of Chrisland High School, Lagos, after her 12-year-old daughter, Desola Whitney Adeniran, collapsed and passed away last Thursday, February 9, while participating in the school’s Inter-house sports at the Agege Stadium.

The distraught mother revealed in a video posted on social media that she had attended the competition to watch her daughter compete.

She added that she had been worried when she hadn’t seen her daughter at the previous game or at other sporting events.

She claims that when she went to the area where the students were all confined to check on her child, a male student told her that Whitney had collapsed and had been sent to the hospital instead.

Whitney had been transported to the hospital, according to Mrs. Adeniran, who said one of the staff members saw her and informed her that she had arrived there to find her daughter’s body.

She claimed that the school has not yet provided complete information about what occurred to her child.

The distraught mother reported that the school claimed her 12-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed; however, her daughter was not ill and did not have a heart condition prior to the incident, and the mother is baffled as to why she would have a cardiac arrest.

She demanded that the school tell her the truth about what actually happened to her daughter so that she could bury her in peace.

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