MTN Salary Structure: How much MTN Staff Earn

Do you want to work with MTN, one of the best telecommunication service providers in Nigeria, and want to know how much MTN pays its staff? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you have found the right article that will give you the right answers to your questions. Here we shall look at the MTN salary structure in Nigeria.

There is no doubt that working for MTN will upgrade your career in the telecommunication industry and position you for greater opportunities in the future. However, it will be important to know how much MTN Nigeria pays their staff, from the entry level to expert staff and the managers of various departments. Also check: Glo salary structure.

How many does MTN Nigeria pay its staff?

Below is the MTN salary structure of different categories of staff;

Contract staff salary at MTN

If you want to work with MTN Nigeria, you are likely to be paid between N600,000 and N1,000,000 yearly if you get employed as a contract staff.

Entry level staff salary at MTN

At MTN Nigeria, entry level staff receives an annual salary near N960,000. Although this is low compare to how much other companies pay their entry-level employees. If you divide the yearly salary by 12 months, you will earn N80,000 monthly. Although this amount is subject to increment with time.

Expert staff salary at MTN

Expert staff are more experienced and they are responsible for many important technical operations of the company. They get paid as much as N4.6 million per year, which translates to N390,000 per month. While the figures look very impressive, you must walk your way up this ladder through hard work and dedication to your duties.

Managers salary at MTN

Managers are part of the high echelon of the company’s staff and, as such, it is not surprising that they get paid handsomely hugely. Being a manager in any company is a big deal, and it also comes with a lot of goodies and privileges. At MTN Nigeria, a manager receives N775,000 per month and N9,000,000 yearly.


The information above was well researched to ensure that it is near accurate if not totally accurate. While the salary structure may be subject to a review from time to time, we are sure the information provided here in is the current one.

Source: Nyscinfo

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