How To Become A Registered Bet9ja Agent in Nigeria

Bet9ja is popular betting website in Nigeria founded in 2013 by Kunle Soname. In this article, we will show you how to become a registered Bet9ja agent. A Bet9ja agent is an individual or company who acts as a middleman between clients and Bet9ja in placing bets. As a Bet9ja agent there is a lot of benefits to enjoy as you will get your own percentage cut for every game.

This is an alternative source of income for many Nigerians, so if you already have a job, you can make it a part-time job.

Bet9ja is widely accepted betting site across Nigeria. It has the highest odds and also pays their agent very well. Before we proceed you may like to see how to apply for Npower GEEP loan (Easy steps).

Why you should become Bet9ja agent

  • You can leverage on the popularity of Bet9ja to get new customers. Advert runs itself.
  • You will have a steady flow of income.
  • Commission is earned for every bet you print. i.e. if the percentage for every ticket printed is 10%, you  would make N10 for N100 bet and N100 for N1000 bet. You earn whether the person wins the bet or lose. If many people stake huge amount of money, you will smile to bank.
  • Agents don’t bear the risk with the company in cases of heavy loss.

Requirements for becoming Bet9Ja agent

Below are requirements to note before you register as bet9ja agent;

  1. A shop in a densely populated area.

  2. Ensure the shop has enough space.

  3. The shop must not be very close to another Bet9ja shop. (At least 500 feet away)

  4. A computer (laptop or desktop), Televisions, generators and internet connection.

After you have gotten approval of your shop, they will create an account for you on Bet9ja platform, and you will pay N75,000 sign up fee.

After payment, you will be given the following items:

  • A bet9ja banner to advertise your shop#
  • A verified account on the platform
  • Thermal printers.

After getting the items listed above, register on the Bet9ja website at

Procedures after online registration

  1. Submit your documents at Bet9ja office in your area.

  2. Bet9ja will verify your address.

  3. If approved, you will sign in as agent.

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