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Gentlemen Npower Prospective Beneficiaries, we are not unaware that some of you are having challenges or issues as regards to N-power online registration.

The good news is that we created this page to solve your problems, and also answers your questions if any.

Tell us your challenges or ask your questions in the comment section below.

Note: After asking your question, check back to this very page in the next 30 minutes, by then you must have gotten a reply.

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Updated: June 28, 2020 — 8:38 am

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  1. Can SSCE holders apply for nagro

  2. Please how can I change my email? The email refuse to open after registration.

  3. When is the closing date for npower batchc registration

  4. Mustapha Muhammad

    Please what is the postal code

    1. Just Google your state postal code

  5. Solomon Emmanuel Ezekiel

    How can i change my ward in the form I have submitted already?

  6. Good evening, I graduated last year and am hoping to serve this year, my question is can I register for N- Power program this year.

  7. Obi, Sabina Chikamso

    Please is a must that u will scan ur documents like Id nd passport or just snap nd upload?

  8. I am facing problem on first name is required after filling my bio data and contact.

  9. After the registration, in which the reg number will pop up and is indicated that a copy of your response is sent to your email but I don’t receive any email oooh, I hope there is no problem, bcus am yet to receive any message from them.

  10. How can I get my npower registration number?

  11. Please during registration I Made a mistakes is there anywhere to rectify it after submission.

  12. Oluwatoyinbademosi

    Hi, am not employed but in the employment box am to indicate that am employed and also input monthly stipend. If I did not input all this information in the employment box I won’t b able to save and continue the application to the next step. Pls hope am still qualified?

  13. There is no box provided for uploading news paper publication because I change name when I got married and the new name reflect on my nysc certificate pls try to get back in time so that we can upload news paper publication for the changing of name for better understanding.thanks

  14. Enimola Babatunde

    Please I registered with Enimola babatunde because that’s the name on my degree result and my bvn carries Enimola Samuel Babatunde… Hope am good to go?

  15. Please can a corps member that we pass out in next four months apply for Npower

  16. Greetings, am a serving corp member, in the employment box am I to indicate that am working, & also input my allawee as my monthly earning?

  17. Can serving corp members Registered for the Npower program with his/her N.D result or O level results

  18. is n power for real cause I have been trying for three days nowregistration bit can not complete bio data

  19. Hi I have tried to log in to the N power registration portal but it’s not working what do I do please

  20. The npower portal is not completing my upload. when I am finished uploading my information for a particular stage , it does not upload. Nothing indicates that I have completed that stage. THE THING IS FRUSTRATING

  21. Can I applied npower with my exemption nysc certificate

  22. Please can I reapply with another email, if there’s a mistake during the first registration

  23. I’m in step 2 after I feel everything, and press save and continue, then it’s show me first name is required, what is the solution?

  24. oladimeji Esther titilayo

    I made a mistake by uploading my passport instead of my certificate

  25. what should be my response…. if am asked if am unemployed or employed

  26. Pls how do npower do the posting…do they post someone to residential local government?? do they post to state of origin?? or is that they post someone to an organization with accommodation??

    Pls this questions baffle me alot

  27. Taofikat Abubakar

    Hello, I was a foreign student and I’m currently serving, but the name of my institution is not in the list
    I can’t type it in and I can’t move on, should I change it to O’level?
    Or wat should I do pls?

  28. Have not received my confirmation email yet

  29. Pls I have been trying to get through the portal creat a profile but it been showing error pls what is the problem

  30. Can batchA 2020 apply for N-power?

  31. Ugwu Pamela Chidinma

    I opened an account but I’m yet to receive a verification email from npower.

  32. I did mistake while inputting my BVN to enroll on N-power, so how can I correct it back?

  33. I have problem with date of birth

    My Voters Card date of birth is not the same with my BVN DOB, but the differnce is Month, the BVN is January and the ID card is November, please can i register with that?

  34. Pls I’m trying to register but it requesting for ward,whereas there is nothing in the ward to select,what should I do pls

  35. I did mistake on my BVN so how can I correct it back?

  36. I ve done my npower registration since yesterday and I was told dat through the notification sent to me that one of my application form has been sent to my email and till now I ve not seen any, what should I do?

  37. Abdullahi Sobogun

    After putting all my Bio data the save and continue does not function.

  38. Usama sulaiman yusif

    Iam a graduate preparing for nysc batch A stream 2,I applied for Npower and they seeks NYSC certificate.and I don’t have.but I have seen two option ; what is your NYSC status? ( completes or in progress) I choose in progress. Because when I choose completed they must need certificate .and I don’t have.so does this have a problem or affect my chance to be involve in the programme.???

  39. Usama sulaiman yusif

    Iam a graduate preparing for nysc batch A stream 2,I applied for Npower and they seeks NYSC certificate.and I don’t have.but I have seen two option ; what is your NYSC status? ( completes or in progress) I choose in progress. Because when I choose completed they must need certificate .and I don’t have.so does this have a problem or affect my chance to be involve in the programme.???

  40. Please i was try to register but it show my application and nothing else.
    Is corper not allowed to register?

  41. Good day,pls after answered all the questions in the stage where I was ask if am employed?,will I be referred to another page?

  42. When it’s will be shortlisted

  43. Please I registered successful and I got the registration number when r we expecting email from there ,dz one rumor is saying they hack the portal

  44. Under government issued ID, I uploaded national ID card, hope I’m in the line

  45. The date of birth in my BVN is different from the one in my PVC, can I use it like that or use my National ID(temporal card) for the registration.

  46. Please my question is that…. I have apply since Friday 1:00pm but I have been hearing some thoughts saying that all those who registered before 11:45pm there application will be cancelled. What is the truth behind this?

  47. Abduljalal Adam usman

    Good day sir/ma.
    After submission of the application, anything like acknowledgement form to print sir?

  48. When is the dateline for Npower registration?

    1. Alamu Abigail ifeoluwa

      I’m having issues with submitting the application after entering all my details

  49. On the stage that requires one to upload government issued id and passport photograb, once I upload it,it will not save and continue rather it will take one back again so what is the problem?

    1. Keep trying, the error is from Npower portal

  50. Onwusonye Mercy Ebere

    Pls I made little mistake on my details during the registration time and I don’t know if I can be given a chance to correct…?

    1. Yes, you can contact N-power for that.

    2. Ali Abubakar Audu

      Can corp member register for Npower?

  51. please i hear that those who apply for npower with their BVN that all their bank account has been hack and they pack all their money. please it is true

    1. Not true, make sure you register at the Npower official portal.

    2. Please i want to change my email address to this confidenceemah890@gmail.com

  52. Good afternoon and happy Sunday to you sir. Please mine is, i have completed my registration and is successful but yet to received any notification on my email,please i hope there is no problem.

    1. Be patient, you will get it soon!

  53. I am unemployed and no salary so i clicked No but it wouldn’t save and continue until when I click Yes that I was able to continue the registration.
    Will there be a chance for edition?

    1. Your application may not be considered for Npower programme

      1. Sir, the same thing happened to me, and it is SSCE i used…i can’t proceed with the application until i choose YES…but i am not employed so what should i do

  54. I don’t know what to supply in the postal code box so I ignored HR, please is there any problem about that?

    Secondly, I was told I will receive response on my mail after my application, up till now, I have not received any…. Please what happen.
    Kindly respond to both questions accordingly sir.

    1. You can get your state postal code through simple Google search.

      1. But have submitted that stage of postal code and please in google it. If I should just type that postal code that’s all?

    2. You earlier informed us through one of your links that those who have not done Nysc can apply. But when we select Bsc as our level, of education,we only have options of either COMPLETED NYSC or IN PROGRESS. So how am I supposed to apply now?? Or should I use SSCE instead???

  55. My challenges were
    I tried to register and when I got to the stage were it says
    1.Are you employed
    2. How much are you paid monthly?

    So I skipped that but it wouldn’t save and continue until when I had to click Yes for number 1 and guess a salary amount for number 2 then was the registration complete
    My question is will that affect my chance of been picked or will there be a means for it to be edited and submitted

    1. Yes, Npower is for unemployed youths.

  56. Pls i made a mistake with the year attained, instead of the year I finish my study ,I input the year I gain admission.

    1. That won’t affect you.

  57. I have finished my registration since yesterday night but didn’t receive any email.

    1. Be patient, you will get the e-mail.

    2. Please I didn’t fill that potion of postal code

  58. I have been trying but portal doesn’t work

    1. OK sir I’m ready finished my online registration sir I’m not received any things from n power sir

  59. I tried to login to the portal to continue my registration with my phone after outing my mail, though I HV not receive a confirmatory mail . they said incorrect credential . pls what is wrong

    1. Check your email and password very well

  60. As a part-time graduate is exclusion letter required where discharge certificate is needed?

  61. I already opened an account but I haven’t gotten any mail yet

    1. Be patient, you will get it soon! It is due to huge traffic on the portal.

  62. I have been trying to login to the portal to continue my registration but the page is always empty, though after registering with my mail address i haven’t received a message to confirm my mail address in my email yet and if i try registering again it says the mail address already exist in the portal.

    1. Be patient! It is due to huge traffic on the portal.

  63. 1.Is it true that the registration site was hacked?

    2. Didn’t receive any mail for confirmation,why?

    1. The issue has been resolved. Be patient, you will get email soon or try using other email.

  64. Please can prospective Corp members and serving Corp members apply for npower?

  65. There is this particular requirements which I don’t know what to supply. Postal code. Or i’m I in a wrong site which is why is asking me this. Thank you.

    1. You can Google your state postal code.

  66. I don’t receive e-mail confirmation after I’m through with the registration. Please, what is happening?

    1. Be patient, you will get it soon! It is due to huge traffic on the portal.

      1. Please I mistakenly used the numbers that is beside the picture which started with A on my PVC as ID number instead of used VIN number as ID number

  67. I did my registration with my phone and uploaded my certificate, ID and passport using my phone. I actually snapped those document with my phone camera.
    Will my registration accepted accepted as others that have done theirs by scanning their documents?

    1. It depends on how good your phone camera is and how you capture the image. Npower will still call you for physical verification.

  68. Good morning please I didn’t see any question and answer section, after my registration I was told I would receive a mail but I didn’t get it. Why please.

    1. Be patient, you will get the e-mail.

  69. I’ve been waiting for my confirmation email for 2days now

    1. You can use other email if you are still at the first stage (entering email and password)

    2. Hi, good afternoon, i have registered yesterday but why i am bothered is that my residential address that i registered with is my home town that i am living in for now but i will be relocating back to Ọ̀yọ́ State soon, what can i do to relocate to Ọ̀yọ́ if i am chosen by Npower? Please i need a reply, thanks

  70. On registration form after uploading picture and PVC the system could not save and proceed with the registration why instead it will take me back

    1. Keep trying, it is due to huge traffic on the portal.

  71. My application page is not opening the space for bvn and others.. I can’t input my details..

    2ndly, a friend manage to get access to filling the application pages but in the 3rd page after uploading her degree certificate, she can’t save and continue…. Please help

  72. I have not gotten the mail what could be the problem sir?

  73. I’m a currently serving corp member can i apply with my HND certificate without nysc certificate?

  74. I can’t log onto d portal at all,I don’t know y

  75. On my application form, my bvn generated 10 digits of numbers instead of 11 so for that reason i couldn’t save and continue my application. Please what should i do?

  76. Kutijuh AB Sparkxz

    Please can a serving corper apply for N-Power! Will there any implication?

    1. Yes you can
      But the implication is that if they post you somewhere different from your ppa, you may inconvenience yourself trying to do both

  77. Please while I was registrant I didn’t see the question and answer section, and so after the registration I was told I would get a mail but up till now I didn’t.
    Please I need your opinion on this

  78. I want to fill the form but I don’t have the National ID card what will I do?

    1. Do you have voter card

    2. If Nimc office is open in your area, then go and do it
      Them can do it for you same day
      Use the date of birth in your BVN to avoid discrepancies

    3. I have been trying to login to the portal to continue my registration but the page is always empty, though after registering with my mail address i haven’t received a message to confirm my mail address in my email yet.

      1. Be patient, you will get it soon! It is due to huge traffic on the portal.


    Some people are complaining that, there account is emptied because they submitted their BVN. What can we do now ??

  80. After login it shows application but no form to fill

  81. Registered Successful but am yet to receive a message from my email.

  82. Could not register, my degree is no there (BA). WHY?

  83. I done with the application but and they say they are going to send a message to my Email until now I haven’t received any message please what’s the problem

  84. Am using chrome to fill my Form but unfortunately I couldn’t save and continue on it after everything I filled , so is there anything i can do

  85. I applied successfully, but i couldn’t see any message on my email.

  86. I applied with OND but they kept telling me fields not completed

  87. I can not save and continue

  88. My registration was sucessful on dat Friday,how do i comfrim it cause some people are saying that the registration done on friday 26th is nt the real reg.

  89. I can not continue

  90. Am no longer using the number on my bvn, hope this won’t hinder my opportunity of been chosen

  91. I was unable to fill my middle name but the application puller through, I hope it’s ok because I await an email from them but I got an ID

  92. I did my registration successfully but I’m yet not seen my print out on my E-mail.

  93. Have registered for npower but am no longer using the number on my bvn again…..Hope this won’t disqualify me?

  94. Good Morning Admin,
    My question goes thus, can a serving Corp Member apply for this NPower?

  95. The problem I’m having with this N-power of a thing is anytime I click on the available job(for instance N-power heath) it’s not always going even if I use another browser. Pls wat can I do?

  96. Pls when is the registration ending?
    Cos, most NYSC BATCH B STREAM 2 copers are confused now.
    Thanks for ur time and efforts

  97. I was supposed to received a message after am done with my registration but up till now I couldn’t receive on my email. Is there anything am supposed to do?


    Registered successful but still waiting for the print out on email

    1. I am a ND holder, but it’s bringing NYSC options for me, I selected nysc in progress by chance but now I wanted to cancel the option I pick but I couldn’t even after selecting OND as an option at d top

    2. Falalu Muhammad Tukur

      I registered with 3 names but after completion my middle name was not included, I go back and edit the middle name still not available on the submission page. Finally I went ahead and submit, hope no problem

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