Complete List Of States NSIP Focal Persons And Contact Numbers

The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development is represented by Npower focal persons. They are designated NSIP Focal Persons by the State Governors to manage the Federal Government’s Social Investment Programs, including N-power, GEEP, MarketMoni, and Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT). the NHGSFP.

They handle and resolve any problems that the Npower beneficiaries may have in addition to being in charge of the manual deployment of the Npower beneficiaries.

Names Of 36 States Npower/NSIP Focal Persons And Their Contact Numbers

Names of the 36 Npower/NSIP Focal Persons in Each State and Their Contact Information The names of the Npower state Focal Persons, together with their contact information, are shown in the image below. To download the image or to see the names in bold, zoom in on the image.

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