NASIMS: BackLog Payment Doesn’t Apply To Non-Graduate Npower Beneficiaries

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has clarified that the payment of three months’ backlog stipends, which was just launched on the beneficiaries’ Payroll Tab, does not apply to all Non-Graduate Npower beneficiaries.

The explanation was given on Saturday, according to NASIMS, in response to concerns from Non-Graduate Npower beneficiaries saying that they were denied their stipends or secretly expelled from the Npower program.

Non-Graduate Npower recipients who would receive a 3-month backlog Stipend Payment, according to Npower Management, are only those who had undergone and successfully finished their Training since 2021.

According to NASIMS, all non-graduate trainees now undergoing training at various camps are reportedly excluded from the cohort that will be receiving reimbursement for their backlogs in the near future.

The Npower Team went on to say that all Non-Graduate Trainees in their various camps will be paid upon completion of their training or as backlogs after that.

“We have received with great concern complaints from some non-graduate beneficiaries regarding what they considered as a dismal and gloomy approach towards the initiation of backlogs payments for non-graduate beneficiaries.

“For the avoidance of doubt, we are impartial and always work with directives. The initiation of backlogs payment for non-graduate beneficiaries as reflected in the payroll section wasn’t for all non-graduate beneficiaries, but only for those who had undergone and successfully completed their training since the last year of 2021.

“To that effect, all non-graduate trainees currently receiving training at different camps are apparently excluded from the batch that will be getting their backlogs payment any time soon. The current trainees in camps shall receive their payments upon completion of their training or thereafter as backlog.

“Please note, all non-graduate beneficiaries are the same as well as graduate beneficiaries regardless of program. Therefore, all entitlement due to you will not be denied. Be patient and wait for your payment when it’s appropriate,” NASIMS stated.

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Source: Nyscinfo

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