How to Apply for NDDC Skills Training 2021

The Industrial Training Fund’s (ITF) Entrepreneurship Training Program aims to identify viable MSME businesses from all nine (9) states in the region, develop their skills, and then provide the required support and enabling environment for their growth and competitiveness in today’s global markets. This article will take you through how to apply for NDDC skills training 2021.

The type of help will be decided by the business plan that each taking part entrepreneur will produce throughout the programme. It is important to note that the Niger Delta States’ economy must be diversified and strengthened in order to become less reliant on the oil and gas industry. As a result, only entrepreneurs from industries other than oil and gas are encouraged to apply.

The training areas include: Agriculture, ICT, Manufacturing and Processing, Entertainment and Hospitality, Commerce and Trade, and Professional Services are among the chosen industries.

General Criteria for Selection

The business (current or soon to be formed) must be a genuine enterprise (not engaged in criminal activities) and properly registered under Nigerian law. The business promoters, whether they are sole proprietors, partners, or directors, must be from a Niger Delta state. The company must be properly registered with the Inland Revenue (tax) Authority.

Programs for the Development of Other Skills

The Commission also plans to teach Niger Delta residents in various trades to keep them up to date. The Commission would have established a pool of competent workers who are self-sufficient and capable of training and hiring additional Niger Deltans because of their actions. The following are the programmes:

  1. Welding and fabrication
  2. Furniture making & wood work
  3. Catering & confectionary
  4. Food processing
  5. Home management (tie & dye)
  6. Modern painting technology
  7. Fashion design & tailoring
  8. Computer technology/programming
  9. Entertainment industry
  10. Solar power maintenance
  11. Maritime technology

For further information, interested applicants should go to NDDC’s official website.

Please take notice of these:

  • Only online applications will be accepted through the NDDC web page.
  • The applicant should only fill out one form since many applications will cause immediate rejection.
  • The selection procedure outlined in this document will be highly stringent.
  • Only those candidates who have been chosen will be notified, and they will be asked to submit original copies of their educational certificates, local government identity cards, and other documents before being completed.
  • You can submit your application online.

How to Apply How to Apply for NDDC Skills Training Programme 2021

Please note that the official registration website is not yet available; we will notify you as soon as it becomes available.

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