Need a job after NYSC: Pay nothing until you get a job

Applications are being invited from young women between the ages of 20-35, who are either currently unemployed or currently serving but interested in starting a digital marketing career and want to make money with highly sought-after digital marketing skills.

Join the Digital Marketing Women Employability and Entrepreneurship Program to actualise your dream to become a digital marketing expert in just 6 weeks.

In this programme, you will get trained in digital marketing without paying anything upfront till you get a high-paying job after the training.

This is an initiative of Digital Marketing Skill Institute, an Edtech company that uses digital technologies to accelerate the development of digital marketing talents and match them with organizations globally either as employees or entrepreneurs (freelancer or agency) using artificial intelligence (AI).

About the Program

The Digital Marketing Women Employability and Entrepreneurship Program was designed with experts from the Netherlands to train young women between the age of 20-35 with digital marketing skills and match them to high-paying jobs with access to mentorship, career services, and no tuition fees until they have started a new career. There are two job-matching platforms created for this program to facilitate the matching.

The program will last for two months, 6-weeks intensive digital marketing training and two weeks for job-matching and placement.

Due to the peculiarity of this opportunity, interested young women are required to apply, their applications will be reviewed and upon selection they will be required to sign the Income Sharing Agreement and then commence classes.

Criteria for selection

Interested young women should ensure they meet this criteria before applying;

  • A young woman with 20-35 years living in Nigeria.
  • Be unemployed or currently serving(You will have to provide NYSC certificate. Exemption letter or ID card).
  • Have access to personal computer, internet connection, power supply and not afraid to learn new things.
  • Willing to learn online as the entire program will be online.
  • A linkedin profile(If you don’t have one, you are advised to create).

Cost of learning

The total cost of learning is #250,000 if you are taking the income sharing agreement, and if you want to pay upfront, you get to pay #200,000 instead. (The income sharing agreement is a contract indicating that you agree to pay us a percentage of your monthly income till you are able to cover up the cost of the training).

How to apply

Interested young women should apply here.

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