New AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal To Be Launched By NMFB

Few days ago, the Nirsal Microfinance bank (NMFB) placed its loan applicants into a state of anxiousness when it posted on its official Twitter page with a tweet caption “Coming Soon”. This very tweet got most applicants divastated, as others kept asking on several platform what the bank (NMFB) is up to, in regards to the tweet.

New AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal To Be Launched By NMFBHowever, NMFB has openly unveil what the ‘Coming Soon’ tweet is all about, as they told the general public that a newly Improved/Customer-friendly AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal will be coming up soon, within a short period of time.

This therefore portray that, applicants will be receiving genuine information about their application for loan, and possibly the repayment of such loans through the portal when fully launched.
As at current, the only way applicants of AGSMEIS loan can repay loans collect is by visiting any of NMFB branch that is closer to them.

It is also relevant to let those wanting to apply be aware that the 2021 AGSMEIS application is ongoing, those interested can check our previous post on how to apply for guidance or visit the registration portal via

Since the old AGSMEIS portal is undergoing upgrade, anyone who tries to access the portal is likely to receive a response like “We are currently upgrading the website/portal, kindly visit back on 1st of April 2021”.

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