New Npower Update: N-Agro Stream 2 Conversion

The N-agro category of the Npower Program was designated as a non-graduate program during batch C’s enrollment in 2020, and the beneficiaries’ stipends at the time were N10,000, which was different from what Npower batches A and B received as N-agro beneficiaries.

In contrast, other non-graduates will have to complete their physical verification at their training center, according to an update provided by Nasims a few days ago. N-Agro is now in the Graduate category, and the physical verification that was just completed a few days ago was carried out at the beneficiary’s Local Government Area of Residence.

For the sake of clarity, Nasims claims that the program in question was formerly classified as non-graduate but was recently changed during the onboarding of Batch C stream 1.

With a monthly stipend of N30,000, the Npower programs within the graduate categories are now N-Teach, N-Health, and N agro. N-Tech, N-Build, and N-creative are the non-graduate programs, and each receives a monthly stipend of N10,000.

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Source: Nyscinfo

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