NEXIT Loan News Update For Today Friday March 25 2022

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Nexit entrepreneurship loan training is still ongoing. The agency in charge of the training, Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI), has urged the Nexit applicants who have undergone the Nexit training to submit their Nexit Loan Business Plan through the links provided by the EDIs agencies. You can access the link by clicking here.

Ensure that you fill the Nexit loan business plan form appropriately with your correct details.

To answer some of your questions regarding the Nexit loan disbursement date, we have decided to create a post which you can check out here > Nexit loan disbursement.

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We urge you to stay calm as you wait for the next batch Nexit training. Similarly, the management of N-Power NASIMS has apologized to the N-Power Batch C Stream 1 beneficiaries over the delay payment of their January and February stipends.

Furthermore, the government of Nigeria has approved the training of new 50,000 N-Power batch C Non-graduate beneficiaries into the
N-Power scheme.

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