Nexit Portal Verification & Sign up Issues – See Solution

Are you an N-power beneficiary? Do you encounter issues when trying to access the NEXIT portal? If ‘yes’, then you are on the right page.

Nexit Portal Verification

The Npower Exit (NEXIT) portal is now working better than it was launched couple of days ago.

So, if you are still having issues trying to login to NEXIT portal, this post will guide you to sort it out.

It has come to our notice that there are many N-power beneficiaries that have registered on the Nexit Portal but are yet to get a verification link to their email address.

Please, note that if you do not verify your registration through the link sent to your email after registration, you would have no access to the Nexit portal.

What to do if you are having NEXIT verification or sign up issues

All N-power beneficiaries should understand that Nexit portal is still under construction.

According to the Minister of Humanitarian affairs, Sadiya Umar Farouq, the portal will be live and running before or on Sunday (December 5). This she said after the portal went on ‘maintenance mode’.

So, if you didn’t get email verification link after registering on the Nexit portal, do not panic. Just be patient because the management are working day and night to rectify the issue.

When registration on NEXIT portal, ensure you use the same email address that was used when registering for N-power scheme. This is because that email has been recorded on your profile at NEXIT. So it is mandatory to use your NPVN email for NEXIT.

All those who are unable to sign up on the NEXIT portal, should use their ‘Surname’ as ‘First name’ on the sign up form.

If you are unable to use the same email used for N-power registration, it could be that it has been suspended. If that is the case, send email to the support team: [email protected]

Please, clearly state your problem so that the support team can help.

To Sign up or login to NEXIT portal, visit

38 thoughts on “Nexit Portal Verification & Sign up Issues – See Solution”

  1. pls i want to change my password i couldnt remember the one i use. and try to answer the security questions but is said incorrect. please i really need assistance on how to change to a new password on nexit portal.

    Thanks and God bless

  2. Good evening sir/ma, my name is Assor Joy Onyinyechi,i have done my registration with this email [email protected] Since last year,but I have not Received verification email till date, I have checked my spam, provision and every other place on my mail there is no verification message, I even tried to click on resend activation mail is not working, they keep on telling me that my email or password is invalid or not a beneficiary, but this is the same email I use in my Npower and registering on the first stage. Please can you kindly rectify this issue so as to enable me complete my registration. Thank you for your understanding

  3. Pls how can I change my password, couldn’t remember the password I used and I tried to answer the security question but incorrect. Pls help

  4. Modu Tela
    Good evening sir,am N power batch A ,the email on my profile is not working,I try to send the active for several time is not work.please sir if in way my complain will be reach to concerns office. Pls here is my problem
    1_old email tela.modu@nij .com
    2_ new email [email protected].
    3 surname modu

    Thanks for your all kinds good bey.

  5. The password in my npower is not my, pls I want yo vhange it to enable me open and fill npower next exit form pls.

  6. Good Evening Sir,
    Please I am by name:Unachukwu Emeka.
    Kindly help me to rectify the issue am having with my old gmail Which I used in registering for Npower batch B program:[email protected]
    Ever since this nexit starTed, I have been having issues on receiving the verification code on this gmail I stated here. Now, when I tried to login to resend to get the verification code,it will write;errow or invalid password or email.
    Please kindly help me by rectifying the problem as to proceed the next level.
    Here are my details:
    1.Name :Unachukwu Emeka
    2.Batch B
    4.N-power ID: N-Agro-2017-000001718946
    6.Date of birth :16/10/1988 number :07037828737
    8.Address:19 Awolowo street uwani Enugu
    10.State: Ebonyi
    11.Geozone: South East
    12.Old email for verification code and invalid password or email problem :[email protected]
    13.New email address : [email protected]
    Kindly help me on this information so as to receive the verification code and to proceed to the next stage. Thanks

  7. Good evening Sir/ma,my name is Assor Joy Onyinyechi from Rivers State with the NPVN/RI/2016/180558. I have done my N-exit registration with this email [email protected], but since I finished my registration I have not received verification email so as to complete my registration, each time I tried to login in other to click on resend email, they said that the email or password is invalid, but that is the same email and password I use in registering, please can you kindly rectify this issue so as to enable me complete my registration. Thank you

  8. Sir. My email is [email protected]. The same email for empower.
    Npower. But I was unable to sign in. registration no: NPVN/R1/2016/177541
    First Name: VICTOR
    Middle Name: OLUSEYI
    Surname: OPAYEMI
    Date of Birth: 23/03/1986

  9. I cannot login to my n power profile.each time I tried to login it will tell me that I should activate my account by confirming the email send to me.but when I checked my mail nothing has be email is [email protected]

  10. My email was wrongly entered and registered in npower portal without .com. Instead of [email protected], vicnike11@gmail was registered and captured and this isn’t allowing me access to nexit portal.


  11. I have done the needful things only for me to receive the verification mail but I haven’t received and the app keepon telling me it’s been sent to my mail.

  12. The email account I used for the registration is not useful again, since then i”ve been using the one I created during my primary assignment. Pls what do I do?. Thanks

  13. I try it but they show me that I have reach a melaximum longin so try to contact support for deactivte so I need ur help

  14. Pls the number I used during registration has been stolen and I’ve changed the number but when registering for next the code were sent to my npower email which I’m not using again but I’ve try and generate the password but it is still asking for the lost number.pls this is my current [email protected] and my npower ref num is name is aremu kehinde abimbola

  15. I could not see the verification mail in my email inbox or spam but the nexit portal feedback is ; ”Action completed The verification mail has been resend to your email” while I did not see any mail in my inbox and spam. please what do I do? [email protected]

  16. My name is Elechi onyekaozuru batch A beneficiary from River State, I tried registrating for the nexit program but it’s saying am not a registered beneficiary please what do i do

  17. I tried to login my email but is telling me it is invalid .the same email I used in my profile.please tell me what to do.thank you

  18. To be eligible, you must be either batch A or batch B of the exited-power beneficiaries. Also most importantly, you must use the exact email and details you used for your N-power because nexit is linked to N-power. If your details don’t match what you used for N-power, your registration will fail. So if you’re not sure about the details, kindly login to your N-power account and check.

  19. I log my email address in the portal,the information my is not entered, please ineed your help, my name is ibrahim musa,my address gidan dila house mahuta fakai local government kebbi state.


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