Roles of Federal Ministry of Education In Nigeria

Education is pivotal to the development of any nation, and its people, and that’s why this ministry was founded in the first place. It was founded in 1988 with a mission to, “Use education as a tool to foster development of all Nigerian citizens to their full potential, in the promotion of a strong, democratic, egalitarian, prosperous, indivisible, and indissoluble sovereign nation under God”.

And a lot of people do not know what roles this ministry play in advancing the educational sector in Nigeria.

10 Roles of Federal Ministry of Education In Nigeria

10 Roles of Federal Ministry of Education In Nigeria

Below are 10 roles of Federal Ministry of education in Nigeria;

1. Curricula and Syllabuses Development for All Schools in the Country

Curricula and Syllabuses which guide teaching and learning activities in our schools are prepared by this ministry. Imagine what activities in schools will be like in Nigeria without a plan.

2. Controlling the Quality of Education in the Country

The inspectorate department of the ministry ensures that schools in the country meet the standards set by the ministry. They go round schools in the nation to make sure no school falls short of the standard, like employing qualified teachers.

3. Collation of the required Data for Funds Allocation to Education

Budgetary allocations are needed to improve our educational sector, to make it measure up to the standards in other nations of the world, and it is the ministry of education that makes the data available for funds to be allocated. They also ensure the funds are put to good use.

4. Harmonizing Educational Procedures Across The Country

Imagine different schools having different academic calendars. While others are on holidays, others are in session. While others are graduating students, others are just resuming.

While these schools function as individual units, they do not contrast in the way things are done because they have been given a template to direct their activities.

5. Revenue Generation for the Federal Government

They generate revenue from the money paid by a private school for registration before commencing activities. They also generate revenue from remunerations made by privately owned primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions every year.

The ministry of education also plays the roles of;

6 . Formulating a national policy on education.

7 . Tackling illiteracy level in the country

8 . Granting scholarships to the less privileged

9 . Regulating and working

  1. Representing Nigeria where there are issues burdening on education.


This ministry is headed by the minister of education. The present minister of education is Mallam Adamu Adamu. Our educational system in Nigeria would be really poor without the ministry of education.

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