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Skrill is an online international e-banking platform that is fast taking over the Fintech industry around the world. The company, based in the United kingdom operates under “Paysafe Holdings UK Limited”.

Skrill Account In Nigeria

With a Skrill account in Nigeria, an individual can send money, recieve money, shop online, buy bitcoin and do a whole lot of other things.

With the unavailability of PayPal for Nigerains, Skrill account provides a viable alternative for Nigerian who needs to pay or recieve payment internationally.

To use this platform, the individual needs to sign up a free account, register and have automatic access to the platform.

There exist two types of Skrill account. The personal account which is strictly for personal use and allows for individuals interested in sending or receiving payment online, receiving cryptocurrency as well as online shopping.

The personal account is ideal for freelancers who do jobs online as well as people who wants to send money to family and friends as well as make personal payments.

On the other hand, the second type of Skrill account is the business account. This is also known as merchant account and it is meant for business people who wants to pay or recieve from customers.

This platform can be easily Integrated into the company’s website and it enables the customers pay directly into the company’s account using the credit or debit card.

How to open a Skrill account

Opening of a Skrill account in Nigeria involves very simple steps, and they are:

  1. Visit the website at

  2. Register: The next step is to go on the register button and fill in the necessary information required.

Things Skrill account can be used for

After opening the account, the individual can do a whole lot of things on the platform. Transactions like sending and receiving money as well as other transactions although the user is meant to verify his or her account for big transactions.

To verify the account, the user needs his international passport, national identity card,drivers license as well as a utility bill that is not older than 90days.

All these are done on the company’s website although it is much easier on the mobile app available on both android and iOS version.

Funding of Skrill account

The process of funding of the account is easy, all the user needs do is to go on the website or app, click on the deposit money button and fellow the options.

The funding can be done using the credit/debit card as well as bank transfer. The bitcoin or bitcoin cash can also be used to fund the Skrill account.

Sending and receiving money on the Skrill platform is easy and convenient. To receive money, all the user needs to do is to give out the Skrill linked email address to the person sending in the money and the money can be automatically sent to the account directly.

On the other hand, sending money to other accounts is as easy as it can be especially sending from other countries to Nigeria.

All the user needs to do is to click on the send money button, input the information directed and send money directly into the personal account of the receiver or Skrill account.

Also, withdrawal of money from the Skrill account is as fast as other transactions on the platform. The process involves the user clicking on the withdraw money button, input his account number and the amount stated will be credited to his account number.

The user can also apply for the Skrill Master card. This card can be used to withdraw at any ATM in the world, make online payment and do practically every other transaction other debit cards do.

Skrill is fast becoming a popular and reliable way of making transaction and with paypal being unavailable in Nigeria, it presents a fast and reliable alternative.

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