Nexit Program To Fully Commence Before End of 2021

Are you one of the Nexit Applicant awaiting the commencement of the program? If ‘yes’ then kindly read through the post “Nexit Program To Fully Commence Before End of 2021”.

Hon. Sadiya U. Farouq has reassured the general public, about the commencement of the Nexit program.

According to her, the entire process will not exceed the year 2021. Read also: Chances of Nexit Applicants Benefiting From GEEP2.0

The Npower Batches A and B who registered for the exit package, had being kept in the dark for long now.

They expected the Nexit program to have kick-start long ago, which definitely would have transformed their lives.

Most of the applicants have given up on the program and moved on, while others are still anticipating the commencement of the program.

The Honorable minister of Humanitarian Affairs has once more come out to revive their hopes.
She confidently made it known that the entire process of the scheme will not go beyond this year.

From her words, she made the applicants know that it’s not over until it’s over, as FG has not forgotten about them.

An assurance from her is that all five hundred thousand (500,000) exited volunteers will end up being productive and active economically via the Nexit Scheme.

Also, she unveiled that the FG is currently working with CBN to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Currently, only three hundred and two thousand (302,000) applicants, among the disengaged beneficiaries, have a completed profile.

Definitely, only this number of persons will be trained, and enjoy the full package of the empowerment program.

The minister affirmed that, with hope on their side, the entire process regarding the Nexit program will be completed before the year ends.

Hence, This very information ‘Nexit Program To Fully Commence by this year ending’ should be taken serious.

Below is a clip of her statements;

Do well to share this information with friends and relatives, to build their lost hope.

Source: Nyscinfo

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