Next Steps for FGN ALAT Program

A lot of applicants for the FGN-ALAT Skillnovation Program have been inquiring about the next steps after successful selection. In this update, we will explain in clear terms what you need to do after being selected.

This post is dedicated to shedding light on the steps that follow the selection process, providing valuable insights for those embarking on this exciting opportunity.

The Selection Process

The FGN ALAT Skillnovation Program has initiated the selection process and sent congratulatory emails to the shortlisted candidates. However, the absence of specific details in the initial message has left many applicants curious about what lies ahead. In response to this, we aim to address the uncertainties and guide you through the next phase after selection.

Expect Further Communication

If you’ve received the congratulatory message confirming your selection, anticipate another email from the program’s management. This subsequent communication will outline the specific steps you need to take for your training in the chosen field. To stay well-informed, it’s crucial to regularly check your email and follow ALAT-WEMA on various social media platforms.

Training and Beyond

The next stage in the process is likely to involve training, where selected applicants will receive detailed instructions on the upcoming steps. It’s important to approach this phase with excitement and confidence, as there is no need to panic. The program is designed to support your growth and development, providing essential resources to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Stay Connected

In addition to monitoring your email, staying connected with ALAT-WEMA on social media platforms will keep you updated on the latest developments and actions you need to take. This ensures that you don’t miss any crucial information that may impact your participation in the FGN ALAT Skillnovation Program.

Explore Further

For additional information, you may also want to explore updates on the release of shortlisted candidates’ names. This can provide supplementary insights and help you prepare for the upcoming phases of the program.


The FGN ALAT Skillnovation Program is committed to offering training, business incubation, mentorship, access to markets, grants, and more based on your interests and submitted applications. By understanding and following the next steps outlined in this post, you are poised to make the most of this valuable opportunity and contribute to your personal and professional growth.

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