Nigeria Business Visa Requirements for UK Citizens

Nigeria Business Visa  – At several Nigerian missions, this is the second most popular visa. Any foreign applicant who wishes to go to Nigeria for business purposes, such as meetings, conferences, seminars, contract negotiations and signings, marketing, sales, purchase and distribution of goods, food fairs, job interviews, and training of Nigerians, would be granted a business visa.

It is crucial to note that the Nigerian government has simplified the visa process for international businesspeople who wish to conduct business in Nigeria.

Similarly, the Nigeria business visa is processed online, reducing the amount of time spent in Nigerian embassies around the world.

How to Process the Nigeria Visa in the UK

Please read the guidelines thoroughly to ensure that you are familiar with the visa application process.

  1. Download the visa application form from the Nigeria Immigration Service portal at

  2. Select ‘Visa’ to begin filling out the visa application.

  3. The following step is to choose a country, which will be the location of the visa application form.

  4. Fill the fields with your information.

  5. Use a debit or credit card to pay for your order online.

  6. Print the payment slip and receipt acknowledgement.

  7. Return to the Immigration Portal at

  8. Determine the status of the application.

  9. Select the payment status of the application.

  10. Choose a visa from the dropdown menu.

  11. Fill in the application’s unique identifier and reference number.

  12. Scroll down the page to print the visa payment and acknowledgement slips.

Finally, double-check that the payment was accepted.

  1. Your international travel document must be valid for at least six months and contain blank pages.

  2. A passport-sized photograph with a white background, taken lately (you need to write your names at the back)

  3. Print the documents listed below:

  • You have signed your completed uploading form.
  • Payment has been confirmed.
  • Receipt slip for a visa
  1. Photocopies of Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificates and COVID-19 Certificates.

  2. All foreign residents of the country in which the application is made must show a valid residency card.

  3. An invitation letter from a Nigerian company or business partner (Signed and sealed)

The format of the invitation letter should be as follows:

Addressed to the Nigerian High Commission in the United Kingdom

Be printed on the letterhead of the company or organisation.

It clearly states that the company will be responsible for the Visa applicant’s immigration.

  • Clearly identifies the genuine nature of all business activity carried out while your stay in Nigeria.
  • Indicates how long the individual intends to remain in Nigeria.
  • Provide a copy of the company’s certificate of registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission as proof of ownership.
  • Provide an original letter of introduction from your firm, stating your title, the reason for your visit, and the length of time you will be away from the company.
  • A return aeroplane ticket that has been confirmed. – A photocopy of the data page of your host’s foreign passport or National Identity card is required.

Source: Nyscinfo

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