Nigeria Immigration Releases List of Candidates Not Eligible For Recruitment

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has released the list of candidates that will not participate in its upcoming recruitment aptitude test. According to the NIS management, those that fall into the categories below will be automatically disqualified.

Note: due to the rigor of physical exercise in the recruitment process, pregnant women will not be allowed to participate.

List of candidates that are disqualified for NIS Recruitment

The following candidates will be disqualified:

  1. Candidates that have impediment in speech (stammer or dumb)

  2. Those that don’t have good teeth (malformation of teeth)

  3. Knock knees, bent knees or K-leg

  4. Flat foot

  5. Limb leg

  6. Bent or deformed arms

  7. Defective eyesight, one eye, short sight or total blindness

  8. Amputation of any part of the physical body

  9. Hearing impaired or deaf

  10. Hunch back

  11. Obesity

  12. Medical challenges

  13. Any physical deformity not mentioned.

Please, if you fall into any of the categories above, you have been automatically disqualified from participating in the Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment exercise.

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