Nigerian Networks And Their Numbers Of Subscribers

Nigerian Networks – Globacom topped the list of operators that added new users to their networks, according to the Nigerian Communications Commission’s (NCC) recent report on the sector’s performance in the third quarter (Q3).

The telecommunications business continues to be the country’s primary driver of phone and internet subscriber growth.

Globacom accounted for 86 percent of the industry’s quarter-on-quarter increase, according to the research. At the end of September 2021, the operator had gained 2,804,450 new subscribers, bringing the total number of active customers to 52,934,990.

During the period under review, Airtel added 369,842 new subscribers, while 9mobile added 75,341.

Similarly, Globacom led the way in terms of new internet users, accounting for 68% of the overall increase of 1,497,139 customers. Globacom, dubbed the “Grandmasters of Data,” ended the third quarter with 38,902,243 internet subscribers, up from 37,875,966 in the previous quarter.

Airtel had 36,706,811 data subscribers at the end of Q3, compared to 36,235,905 in Q2.

Globacom’s outstanding performance indicates that more telecoms service consumers are receiving limitless satisfaction from the operator’s innovative goods and services.

With the recent launch of its Berekete Plus Plus user-centric price plan and the thrilling customer incentive program dubbed Joy Unlimited Extravaganza, the network is ready to retain its growing momentum. Berekete Plus Plus offers new customers a N1, 000 welcome bonus upon successful line activation, a 700% bonus (400% for voice and 300% for data) on every recharge to call all Nigerian networks, an additional data bonus on the first recharge of the month, every month for six months, and up to a 100% bonus on every data plan purchased by customers every month for four months.

Lucky customers across the country will win over 500,000 items, including luxury cars, various household equipment like as refrigerators, television sets, and generators, as part of the Joy Unlimited Extravaganza program. On a daily basis, there are also data awards to be won.

Source: Nyscinfo

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