Nigerian Students Abroad: How To Minimize Costs While Studying

The best time to live in a foreign country is when you are a student. As a student from Nigeria, you do not only study in some of the best academic institutions in the world to get quality education, the access also lets you to submerge yourself in new ways of life and gain life-changing skills.

Interestingly, you can study outside Nigeria with a small budget if you pick the right school that will assist you in making some money-saving decisions. In this article, you will learn how you can reasonably study in a foreign country with an internet search.

From UK to Canada, which has become the first choice of many Nigerians, there are hundreds of schools from which you can choose. You can compare institutions in order to know the one that can assist you in fulfilling your academic goals.

How to minimize costs while studying abroad

1. Choose School in a Cheap City

Barring your flight fees, the costliest part of your studying in a foreign land is undoubtedly your living expenses. From accommodation to utility expenses, everything will be different based on the place you choose. For example, living in Toronto or London will be more expensive than living in remote areas outside the main city. Ensure you research to know the cheapest areas.

2. Work on Part-Time Basis

For post-secondary school students, it is legal to work on a part-time basis in UK and North America during the course of your full-time study. You can work for a maximum of 15 hours weekly to carter to some of your expenses. Additionally, getting a part-time job helps to boost your resume. You can also meet people beyond the campus.

3. Live outside campus

To save money for other expenses, you can live outside the school’s campus. Living off campus helps you save the money that you should have used to pay for expensive meals. You can research the good but cheap apartments online.

4. Prepare your meal at home

Knowing that you need to cut your expenses to be able to keep spending, you will do yourself a lot of good by cooking your meals at home. This is because going for the take out and dinner or your local coffee shops doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, be prudent in your decisions.

5. Register for student discount cards

Signing up for student discount cards helps you save a lot more because you have access to discounted purchases. You can either go for the ISE card which offers discounts at Museum, attractions and transportation around the world, or ISIC Card which offers discounts on flight fee, food, tech and showbiz.


Contrary to what you may have been told, it is easy to have a good time studying abroad, especially if you play by the rules of the game which we have discussed above. We assured you that if you apply them with discipline, you will have a great experience as a Nigerian studying abroad.

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