NIMC New Guidelines for NIN Enrolment | Registration

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has issued fresh guidelines for Nigerians who wants to apply for the National Identification Number (NIN).

The NIMC spokesman, Kayode Adegoke, disclosed the new guideline on Tuesday in a speech he presented titled “NIMC Adopt Booking System For NIN Enrolment”.

According to Kayode, the new process would make the enrolment process easier and safer for Staff and Applicants.

NIMC New Guidelines for NIN Enrolment

From December 30, 2020, registration for applicants will be based on ‘Booking System’. Below are the guidelines:

  1. For Bookings, applicants need to visit any closest NIMC office during the business hours (9am-1pm).

  2. NIMC officials will collect your personal information and schedule appointment with you.

  3. Do not include personal information other than what is needed for the booking.

  4. You must wear facemask when coming for the registration.

  5. Once you get to the NIMC office gate, collect number to queue in order to ensure orderliness and to protect people from COVID-19.

If you have question, kindly go to the comment section below.

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