NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Warning To Loan Applicants

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB) has issued a fresh warning to applicants of various government schemes overseen by the bank. NMFB, a licensed financial institution by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), is authorized to offer and disburse loans for multiple purposes in Nigeria. If you are a NIRSAL Microfinance Bank loan applicant, please read this post carefully from start to finish.

The bank has cautioned applicants against making any payments to process loans, emphasizing that it will never request any applicant to pay money to access its financial services. This information was conveyed in a circular on the bank’s Twitter page. The post reads:

“Nirsal Microfinance Bank will never ask you to pay money to access any of it’s financial services. The bank will never ask anyone to collect money on it’s behalf for the purpose of securing a loan or any of it’s financial services for that matter.”

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Fresh Warning To Loan ApplicantsTherefore, loan applicants should exercise caution if approached by any staff or agent asking for payment to facilitate a loan offer.

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1 thought on “NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Warning To Loan Applicants”

  1. Mbah Aondover Solomon

    One thing l don’t like hearing is kind of warning Central Bank of Nigeria CBN has given. You see their so called agents making things happening those of us who geniuely applied since last year May don’t know when ours will be approved. But those people that come through their agents, you see them accessing their loans. Just covering up,NAIJA Nawaoo.

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