NMFB Clarify Non-Interest Loan NIB Tenure To Recipients

Are you a beneficiary of NMFB Non interest loan? If ‘yes’ then you ought to read this post ‘NMFB Clarify Non-Interest loan NIB tenure to Recipients’.

The executives of Nirsal Microfinance Bank have released new information to shed more light on some of the concerns regarding the non-interest loan to recipients/beneficiaries.

As related by the NMFB, in the view of throwing more light to the false rumors regarding the non-interest banking goods in relation to Nirsal Microfinance Bank.

NMFB would love to notify the public as a whole, that the 25% makes up the total profit margin of the establishment for its three (3) year tenure.

And this can be paid back to Nirsal Microfinance Bank throughout the period of the loan.

It is important to note that the non-interest loan provided by the TCF is to be used within the provided regulations of the MURABAHA scheme of non-interest lending.

In other words, the loan obtained should only serve for the purchase of goods and equipment at a planned profit margin.

There is no provided a channel for the disbursement of finances under the MURABAHA system of non-interest lending.

Nirsal Microfinance Bank recommends that every interested applicant should make use of a valid mobile number when submitting their application for any of the loan systems, which is being distributed by the bank.

This is to ensure that all applicants are being rendered quality customer service.

And on a final note, ALL Nigerians are eligible to apply for the non-interest loan. Hence, NMFB Clarify Non-Interest Loan to the general public.

For more enquiries, you can visit the Nirsal Microfinance Bank (NMFB) portal.

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