No Ongoing 25k Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Registration – FG

In a recent public notice, the Federal Government of Nigeria has made it clear that there is currently no ongoing 25k Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) registration in progress. This notice serves as a warning to the public, emphasizing the importance of verifying information and avoiding potential scams.

According to the FG, any future registrations for the CCT program will be announced officially and made available through Local Government Areas (LGAs). As of now, the government intends to utilize the data of candidates captured during the previous administration through the National Social Safety Nets Coordinating Office (NASSCO) database for disbursement.

The government has urged the public to exercise caution and vigilance, advising citizens to steer clear of individuals who claim to have the authority to register them for the CCT program. Such claims are not only false but are perpetrated by individuals with malicious intent – liars and scammers seeking to exploit unsuspecting individuals.

It is of paramount importance for individuals to safeguard their private and sensitive information. In an era of increasing digital transactions and online communication, protecting personal data is a critical aspect of one’s online presence.

The public is encouraged to be wary of sharing personal information with unknown or unverified sources to prevent identity theft and potential fraud.

In summary, there is no ongoing 25k FG CCT registration at this time. The FG will officially announce any future registration processes through LGAs, and existing data will be utilized for disbursement. The public is advised to remain cautious and not fall prey to fraudulent individuals.

Safeguarding personal information is vital for personal security and to prevent potential scams. Stay informed through official government channels to ensure you are not misled by false claims and scams.

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