NPC Continues Payment of Birth Registration Adhoc Staff

The collaboration between UNICEF, the National Population Commission (NPC), and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) for Birth Registration has successfully continued the payment process for Adhoc Staff involved in the program.

This initiative, aimed at registering 12.7 million births in 2023. The ad hoc staff plays a role in providing birth certificates to children under the age of 5 across Nigeria.

The joint effort covers 21 states, 456 local government areas, and 4,978 wards, highlighting the extensive reach of the program.

Adhoc Staff members who actively participated in the birth registration exercise have received their payments, as evidenced by screenshots of alerts shared on social media.

It’s noteworthy to congratulate those who have received their payments, as their dedicated efforts have contributed to the success of this vital initiative.

The birth registration process ensures that every child’s name and nationality are officially documented, a significant step in safeguarding their rights and facilitating access to essential services.

For those seeking more information on the recruitment exercise or interested in participating in such impactful initiatives, a link to apply for the NPC Birth Registration Adhoc E-Recruitment is provided here.

The ongoing collaboration between UNICEF, NPC, and NYSC signifies a commitment to improving vital services and documentation for children in Nigeria. The successful payment process reflects the efficiency and dedication of the Adhoc Staff involved.

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