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How To Retrieve Your NPC Application Access Code and ID

How to resume npc application –  Did you apply for the National Population Commission (NPC) recruitment for the conduct of the 2023 census? If ‘yes’, this article will show you how to retrieve your NPC Application Access Code and Application ID. Here, we will also provide answers to some of your questions regarding the NPC 2023 census ad hoc staff recruitment. To submit your application, check NPC Ad hoc Staff Recruitment Portal For 2023 Census

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Those who are asking questions on how they can retrieve their Access Code and Application ID should stay calm as we’ve got answers from the NPC management team.

How To Retrieve Your  NPC Access Code And Application ID

Kindly follow the guidelines below:

Applicants should kindly use their National Identification Number (NIN) to RESUME their application, if their applications has not been completed. They will receive the Application ID as a confirmation message after successful submission of their application.

How to Resume your NPC Recruitment Application if you have forgotten your Access Code

Applicants can resume with either Application ID or NIN. Once you have this, go to the NPC recruitment portal to begin.

How can I check my NPC application status?

Go to the NPC recruitment portal and login, then click on “Check Application Status”. Kindly note that you can only see your application status after the application portal has been closed.

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What to do if you are having NIN verification unavailable

Nothing except to wait until it becomes available

Is it possible to change your application from NPC staff to ad hoc staff?

No, you can’t change it. The mistake has been done and cannot be corrected.

What to do if you completed your application but could not submit

The issue might be from your browser or network. Try to refresh your browser. After that, keep trying.

What to do if you cannot login with your Application ID

Carefully cross-check if the ID you are entering is correct, then try again using the correct ID.

**If you have any questions regarding NPC recruitment, Kindly drop it in the comment section below and we will give you a quick response.

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