NPC Releases New Ad hoc Staff Salary For 2023 Recruitment

The National Population Commission (NPC) has disclosed the new salary structure for its ad hoc recruitment for 2023, that will participate in the conduct of the 2023 Population and Housing Census.

According to NPC, the remuneration is divided into two categories; Salary and allowances.

In the category of allowances, the Director of the Census Department, Mrs Evelyn Arinola Olanipekun, said that the NPC ad hoc staff will receive three types of allowances. Namely;

1) Feeding allowance:

(a) Specialised Workforce (SWF) – N2,000 per day x 13 days (three days of SWF and 10 days of state training). Total N26,000.

(b) State Facilitators: N2,000 per person, per day x 10 days. Total: N20,000.

2) Transport allowance: It is N20,000 per person

3) Training allowance:

(a) Trainer: N15,000 per day x 13 (SWF) and 10 (state facilitator)

(b) Trainee: N10,000 per day x 13 (SWF) and 10 (state facilitator).

According to the commission, payment will be made twice for all categories, as follows:

Transport and feeding: N46,000 (SWF), N40,000 (state facilitators).

Training allowance: trainer (SWF) – N195,000; trainee – N130,000; state trainers (facilitators) – N150, 000; trainees – 100,000.

NPC noted that the above allowances would also apply to other categories, such as enumerators and supervisors, but with a shorter number of training days and a slight reduction in the amount.

NPC Ad hoc Staff Average Salary for 2023 recruitment

Nyscinfo learnt that, on the average, the total allowances for specialised workforce, facilitators, enumerators, supervisors, and other census functionaries range from N50,000 to N100,000.

Please note that the main salary will be paid after the completion of the census exercise. The average main salary for each census functionary ranges from N50,000 to N250,000 depending on his/her position.


The NPC summarised that the salary and allowances for NPC ad hoc staff during the 2023 Population and Housing Census are as follows:

  • Facilitators – N150,000 to N300,000;
  • Field coordinator – N140,000 to N280,000;
  • Quality assurance assistants/rovers – N130,000 to N280,000;
  • Supervisor – N130,000 to N230,000;
  • Enumerator – N100,000 to N220,000;
  • Monitoring and evaluation officer – N150,000 to N300,000.

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