NPC Says No Training For Applicants Whose Status Are Pending

NPC Ad hoc staff recruitment update: The management of the National Population Commission (NPC) has clarified that there would be no training for candidates whose application status is still showing ‘pending’.

According to the commission, unless your status is being ‘approved’, there will be no training or recruitment for such applicants.

The commission disclosed this via its verified Facebook page while answering a question by a prospective ad hoc staff regarding application status for the conduct of 2023 population and housing census in Nigeria.

The applicant asked: “Please sir, if they did not approve you can you go to the training center or not.”

NPC response: “Good morning, no, you can’t attend the training. Only successful screened candidates get their status approved. They update their details on the portal and are contacted for training.”

From the NPC statement above, “only successful screened candidates get their status approved…”

Meanwhile, has witnessed many applicants who did not go for the NPC screening but got approved, while some who participated in the screening are still ‘pending’.

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21 thoughts on “NPC Says No Training For Applicants Whose Status Are Pending”

  1. Yinkore Emomotimi William

    It’s so unfortunate that alot of person details is still showing pending, like in my case was sent sms to come to my LGA head quarter for screening EKEREMOR which I did unfortunately mine is still showing pending where as those that didn’t attend the screening were approved, the system is so frustrating

  2. I went to my LGA council more than five good days with my friend, we submitted our details and photocopy of our credentials , we were screened , yet our status is still pending, the worse part of is , they told us they can’t locate us in the LGA we registered , but many people that did not show for the screening were approved right while they relax in their verous houses. We that stressed ourselves, waist our transport fair and time they want to tell us stories, there is God oh . Think twice.

  3. Sir, it is quite unfortunate that procedures are not strictly followed. We most times blame the head of a country for corruption while we in our little offices are corrupted. What is the need of screening some individuals while others not screened are selected. Let’s stop bribery, favouritism, ethnicity and corruption to have a better country. Thanks

  4. Ismaila Hashim magaji

    Hello sir I have been screening and my status is still pending but I have aware of with in our local govt any approved applicant agree to give a corruption even their is the person who screen us if you make agender to share your stipend with him then you will be approved here in dambatta /makoda Allah ya kiyaye wannan rayuwa mu saboda bamusan kowaba shiyasa Allah duk Wanda ya zaluncemu gakanan dashi ya Allah Kai kadan yanda zakayi dashi kabi Mana hakkinmu ya hayyu ya kayyimu

  5. I did screening too but my status is still showing pending even those that didn’t go for the screening got approved. Well thanks for letting us know we can’t attend the training

  6. Osondu Philip C

    Greetings sir, we that our status is still pending are begging for u to allow us to participate in the training. As for me I received a text massage for the screening, I participated. But my status is still showing Pending.

  7. I think the commission need to look into this matter critically, because a lot of applicant are still seen PENDING which is very wrong. Yet must of them have been to screening. I urge the commission to have a rethink

  8. Pls sir allow us, the pending candidate to participate, because I did screening, this is almost 4 month now still pending.
    Pls allow us

  9. Good day Sir/Ma ihave been approved and upload my details but in the local gov’t list that have been reliese my name is not their.My question now is should i attend the training? Or not, thank you Sir/Ma

  10. It is really unfortunate the way, manner and criteria used for the selection during the recruitment exercise, one present him/her self for screening and yet wasn’t approved while those who didn’t avail themselves for the screening were approved. This is really bad and on call for.

  11. Opeyemi Iwarere

    Please has the supervisors and enumerators training been shifted to later date. Please once again, can candidates still be approved before the training

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