NPC Status Pending Update For Today | Ad hoc recruitment 2023

On Today’s National Population Commission (NPC) news update, we will bring to you two major conversations from our group chat regarding ‘status’ pending. If you have not joined our group chat on Telegram {cIick here} to join.

Henry wrote;

“Good day house …. Please, I’ll need your help on this.

“My status has been pending since last year. I’ve been going to the Secretariat for Abeokuta south where I registered to complain, but each time they will just tell me to put down my details and go that they will rectify it. But when I went there today, a man there told me that I will probably not be approved because I’m not Yoruba and that the training will be done in the Yoruba language. That all materials printed have been printed in a native dialect that I should not waste my time and that I should just go home. Please, how true is this and what should I do?”

Donoh Anabel wrote;

“I went to my local government for verification, the lady said if your NPC application is still showing ‘pending’, that no need to panic, but just make sure your name is on the list, that every name on the list is already approved, but just they show pending online, that when we get to the training centers, they will approve us and tell us to drop our account detailsuna just they worry una self for nothing, make una no pay anybody money to get approved oh”.

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14 thoughts on “NPC Status Pending Update For Today | Ad hoc recruitment 2023”

  1. If you had participated in virtual training as swf but for obvious reasons you were unable to participate in the physical training , I want to know if I can be allowed to participate as supervisor in the next training.

  2. My is still showing pending after the physical screening at my local government area Khana were registered, election is over now can I have my application approved? please

  3. Yes in our last WhatsApp group dey ask people with pending issues to be patient and attend the training from the training dey will help you out


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