NPC Training: How To Resolve ‘Your Status Is Pending’

Are you one of the applicants that submitted an application for the National Population Commission’s NPC ad hoc employee recruitment for the next population and housing census in 2023? This update is for you if your answer is yes.

Many of you have complained that your NPC status is still pending, despite the fact that training for some of the ad hoc employees would begin right after the 2023 governorship election, most likely on March 15th of that year. Several of you are currently perplexed and unsure about whether to attend the course or not.

We will advise you to try to attend the NPC Training in your LGA of application even if your status is pending, since you might be given preference over authorized applicants who did not attend the training if you do so. This is if you are interested in taking part in the forthcoming census.

Your status will change from pending to authorized if you are successful in attending the training. A NPC candidate who requested to be a facilitator and ran into a similar problem stated that, while her status was pending during training, it was later accepted after she attended the course.

The controllers’ training has begun! The National Population Commission started training the comptrollers in charge of the Commission’s local government area offices nationwide on the crucial procedures for the upcoming 2023 Population and Housing Census and the comptrollers’ role in the census workflow yesterday, March 7, 2023, as part of the ongoing preparations for the census.

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    Honestly, this is a relief so I can actually attend the training irrespective of not been approved. That’s awesome 👍😎 Glory To GOD

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