NPC 2023 New Training Timetable for ad hoc recruitment

This page shows the NPC training timetable for those who applied for the National Population Commission recruitment as enumerators and supervisors.

NPC training Timetable

Below is the timetable of activities:

1. March 31 to April 6: First Phase of Supervisors and Enumerators Training (on House Numbering and House Listing).

2. April 7 to April 25

3. (April 26 to April 30): Second Phase of Supervisors and Enumerators Training on Enumeration of Persons.

3. May 1: Census Eve (Night).

4. (May 2 to May 7): CENSUS Proper.

5. (May 8 to May 12): Mop-Up Enumeration (in case of extra-large Enumeration Areas).

Note: All approved applicants will receive an invitation message showing his/her training details before the slated date for training.

©️Ahmed El-rufai Idris
Kaduna State Coordinator Zumunta Youth Awarenesses Forum

8 thoughts on “NPC 2023 New Training Timetable for ad hoc recruitment”

  1. Ekenna Francis

    I participated in the 10 days training as facilitator. Last two months, we were told to go and fill our details for non-payment of the training. Uptil now, I have not received my payment.
    Ekenna Francis
    Imo state.

  2. Anichebe Gabriel

    Please sir mine is still pending how will I still get notifications for the training via email.
    Help me please

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