NPC WhatsApp Group Link For All States | Ad hoc Recruitment

We have just created NPC WhatsApp Group for all states for those who registered for the National Population Commission (NPC) Ad hoc Staff recruitment in 2023 for national census.

To stay updated with the latest information regarding the NPC recruitment, you are strongly advised to join your state NPC WhatsApp below.

Note: In order to curtail spams and misinformation, the WhatsApp group may be temporarily locked, allowing only Admins to post information. But be assured that the group will be opened to every member to comment once there is a need for that.

How to join NPC WhatsApp Group

Find below your state’s NPC WhatsApp:

  1. Yobe NPC group link:
  2. Zamfara NPC group link:
  3. Taraba NPC group link:
  4. Sokoto NPC group link:
  5. Rivers State NPC group link:
  6. Plateau state NPC group link:
  7. Oyo state NPC group link:
  8. Osun state NPC group link:
  9. Ondo state NPC group link:
  10. Ogun state NPC group link:
  11. Niger state NPC group link:
  12. Nasarawa NPC group link:
  13. Ekiti State NPC group link:
  14. Enugu State NPC group link
  15. Gombe State NPC group link
  16. Imo State NPC group link:
  17. Jigawa state NPC group link:
  18. Kaduna State NPC group link:
  19. Kano state group link:
  20. Katsina state NPC group Link:
  21. Kebbi state NPC group link:
  22. Kogi state NPC group link:
  23. Kwara State NPC group link:
  24. Lagos state NPC group link:
  25. Edo state NPC group link:
  26. Ebonyi State NPC group link:
  27. Delta state NPC group link:
  28. Cross Rivers NPC group link:
  29. Benue state NPC group link:
  30. Bayelsa state NPC group link:
  31. Bauchi state NPC group link:
  32. Anambra NPC group link:
  33. Akwa Ibom NPC group link:
  34. Adamawa NPC group link
  35. Abia state NPC group link:
  36. Abuja state NPC group link:
  37.  Borno State NPC link:

Disclaimer: The NPC Ad hoc staff recruitment WhatsApp group above was NOT created by the National Population Commission or its staff. Rather, it was created by an individual with the purpose of enabling applicants to interact and share ideas with one another.

The group admin is not working with NPC and will never ask for payment, whether cash or kind, as recruitment into NPC is totally free. Beware of scammers!

WhatsApp Rules for 2023 NPC Ad hoc staff recruitment

  • Harassment of other members is not allowed.
  • No spamming.
  • Posting adverts in the group is prohibited.
  • Post in English only.
  • Do not post in ALL CAPS as this is the same as shouting.
  • Respect all members and their views.
  • Keep messages clear but concise.
  • Don’t preach or share a religious view in the group.
  • Do not monopolize the chat group, allow other members to talk.

WARNINGS: Anyone who violates the group rules shall be removed by the admin and his/her post will be deleted.

SCAM Alert

Please be aware of other members sending you a private message offering you an easy path to make money or be recruited. These people are usually always frauds.

16 thoughts on “NPC WhatsApp Group Link For All States | Ad hoc Recruitment”

  1. I have tried joining the WhatsApp group for Lagos state but it is telling me that the group is full. Please what should I do

  2. My name is Faga shiebee Benjamin from Benue state,the problem I have is that we are approaching the training date and my application status is still showing pending what should I do to solve the problem.Can somebody help me

  3. Sir please am not sure of the LGA I picked while registered,stayed in Lagos and I have been approved. Sir please what can I do? Stay in pedro Bariga before we move to oregun ikeja.


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