Npower Announces Batch C Stream 2 Biometrics Closing Date

The shortlisted N-Power Batch C2 Applicants biometric collecting process will end on Friday, May 27th, 2022, according to Nasims, the Npower Program’s management.

Shortlisted applicants for Npower stream 2 who have not yet completed their biometrics are advised to do so on or before the aforementioned date, in accordance with this notification.

Please disregard and wait for the following directive if you successfully completed your biometric enrolment when Nasims originally announced its start in February 2022. Finally. Ensure that your BVN is recorded.

Steps needed to successfully complete your biometrics:

  1. Log into your NASIMS Account using your NASIMS ID NO and Password.
  2. Click on the verification tab to enable Biometrics capture.
  3. Input BVN number, Email address, Phone number, date of birth, and state of origin.
  4. Click on Validate, after ensuring all details are correctly inputted
  5. BVN Validation is successful, Click “Continued.
  1. NASIMS (Npower) Biometric Client.
  2. Click install
  3. input correct NASIMS ID NO click “Proceed”
  4. Proceed with biometrics using the device,

follow instructions carefully starting


  1. Left index and thumb finger
  2. Right index and thumb finger
  3. Ensure each finger clicks all four parts.
  4. Biometric enrollment submitted successfully.

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