Npower Batch C Non-graduate Deployment Update

Are you under the Npower Batch C Non-graduate category? If ‘yes’ then read through as we answer most of the question(s) asked regarding deployment.

Ever since the deployment date of the Npower Batch C was unveiled, questions had being coming from prospective beneficiaries.

The Non-graduate category (those who applied with SSCE) are not left behind, in terms of the questions thrown.

Hence, we have decided to deliberate on some of the question(s) asked by the Non-graduate beneficiaries of the program.

One of the questions asked by the Non-graduate volunteers (SSCE holders) is that they are yet to be deployed.

Whereas, the selected volunteers under the graduate category were deployed.

The answer to this question according to Npower is that, no applicant(s) under the Non-graduate category has being deployed.

They are expected to be trained, before deployed to their designated Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

They are by this notice informed that surely they will be deployed after the compulsory training.

Although, every applicant under the Non-graduate category who received invitation from the scheme should proceed with the physical verification exercise.

Both the Graduate and Non-graduate selected volunteers are entitled to complete the physical verification.

The Npower Batch C Non-graduate category are to be screened under their selected program, which includes;

  1. N-Creative
  2. N-Build
  3. N-Agro
  4. N-Tech

The physical verification exercise has being ongoing, and all selected volunteers are to take part in this exercise.

It started on the 10th of September 2021, and will come to an end by 24th of September, 2021.

Those who aren’t sure of their selection status can confirm if truly they have being selected by visiting the Nasims profile dashboard.

Alternately, they can dial the USSD short code *45665# and follow the prompt.

Kindly share this vital update with Friends and Relatives who must have been sourcing for this very information.

Source: Nyscinfo

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  1. Some of us who were posted to Enugu North could not do our physical verification because npower-officials did not come on that 10th.what will we do next? following this shortcomings. thanks

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