Npower Batch C Resumption –How To Behave At PPA

Are you a beneficiary of Npower Batch C? Do you in any way thought of the needed expectations in your PPA? If ‘yes’ then this post is meant to clarify that based on Npower Batch C Resumption.

As a beneficiary of the Npower scheme, you’re expected to display standard attitude on the first day at your PPA.

The official date for resumption is 4th of October 2021. Definitely, most volunteers will be at their place of work.

Self coordination will pass a lot of messages to the management of the PPA about you. Hence, it is very vital you adhere to the guides portrayed in this post.

To ensure you render the expected attitude, we’ve deemed it necessary to enlist seven (7) things you ought to do.

Seven (7) Things To Do On The First Day of Npower Batch C Resumption

  1. Prepare very well against the resumption, and don’t hesitate to ask questions as soon as you get to the PPA.
  2. Ensure to arrive early.
  3. Observe the environment of the PPA.
  4. Relax, comport yourself, and avoid been shy.
  5. Always smile when necessary.
  6. Try to be conversant with other volunteers, and be Friends with at least one of your colleague.
  7. Be attentive, and observe every happening(s).
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With the above guide, it will be very easy to discharge your duties at your PPA as a Volunteer.

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For those facing challenges, especially in the aspect of downloading PPA letter.

The downloading process will be more easier and faster from October 4th, 2021.

If as an individual you have other suggestions that need to be included, then ensure to use the comment section.

Do well to share this post with other Batch C stream 1 beneficiaries regarding the Npower Batch C Resumption.

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Updated: October 4, 2021 — 5:38 pm

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