Npower Beneficiaries Should Be Given Grant Not Loan (Opinion)

Opinion: Npower Beneficiaries Should be Given Grant Not Loan – By David .I.B [N-Power Beneficiary]

N-Power beneficiaries are suppose to be given grant and not loan because they have used their time, energy, efforts, knowledge and skills to serve Nigeria in various sectors.

It does not make any sense asking them to collect GEEP Loan after using them in different place of primary assignments for 2, and almost 4 years for batch A and B respectively.

Why were they not given the loan earlier before the program or when they were 3/6 month on the program so that before they finish the program, they would have completed paying back the loan.

Inadequate planning, poor organization, administration and implementation of good programs or projects is one of the major reason why Nigeria is still among the developing countries in almost 60 years of independent, despite so many natural resources GOD endow Nigeria.

The government should remember that today’s youths are the future of Nigeria tomorrow. The way and manner they are treated now determine how bright the future pf Nigeria will be. They should not be treated like aliens or strangers in their own country. They are all citizen. and have equal right to work n every federal government establishments.

They should not spare those vacancy positions for only children and relatives of our leaders. Now that the federal government is asking the beneficiaries to quit and collect loan of N300,000, how have they been empowered and how would they also empower others out there?

How would they fulfill the mandate of empowering 100 million Nigerian in the next 2 years plus that is left. My opinion is that the federal government should give tangible grant for entrepreneur or permanent job or offer them bigger long term interest free loan like N5million or N3million and not N300,000 after they have been trained for 2 and almost 4 years, so that they use it to start a viable business and empower other unemployed youths all for the growth and development of this nation.

Written By David .I.B (N-power Beneficiary)

Published By Humphery O Eze.


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