Npower News: Batch C Date of Deployment

Are you one of those applicants of the Npower scheme, that is eager to know the Date the management has set for deployment of the Batch C volunteers? If ‘yes’, it is paramount that you read through this post to be enlightened about the date of deployment.

Ever since the Stream 1 prospective beneficiaries names got to the State Focal Person, one question that is being asked by the lucky applicants is the date they will be deployed to their various place of primary assignment (PPA). In this post we’ll explain all about the deployment of prospective beneficiaries in simple terms.

The plain truth is that the Npower management has not yet fixed a date for deployment of beneficiaries, and once a date is fixed, it will be announced publicly.

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Second, the Nasims portal is designed in a way that once it’s time for deployment, prospective beneficiaries will easily get to know from their profiles. This means it will be easier for volunteers to easily see where they are posted to, once it’s time.

As of current, all applicants status of Deployment is showing not deployed yet. Below is the exact message each applicant is likely to see once the deployment page is clicked on;

See Screenshot Below:

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We are at this point encouraging all prospective beneficiaries to always visit the Nasims Nasims self service portal to confirm their deployment status regularly, since no date has being scheduled for deployment. Also, the official social media platforms of Npower can be checked on for proper information regarding the Batch C deployment.

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Updated: July 6, 2021 — 7:05 pm

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