Npower NEXIT Preparation On Top Gear – Management

For some months now, most N-Power exited volunteers (Batch A and B), are on the low as they seem to have forgotten about the empowerment opportunity that is being setup by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), to enable them benefit from a special exit package (NEXIT).

Their hope was that it wouldn’t take this long, but after the closure of the Nexit enrollment portal nothing has being done. The previous deliberation regarding the commencement of the program by the Management was that they were sourcing for funds to kick start the program fully. This is a more reason the applicants waited patiently.

The latest update regarding the Nexit program is that the preparation to kick start the program is in top gear. This was caption when an applicant of the Nexit program reached the Npower team to confirm the state of the program.

Question Asked by the Prospective Nexit Applicant

The applicant told the Npower team “God will judge you” for telling lies about the exit package, since they have forgotten the Batch A and B volunteers after the promises.

Response From Npower management

The Npower team assured the applicant that the Exited volunteers are not forgotten, that they will hear from the Management as a preparation towards commencement is in top gear.

See screenshot evidence below;

From the response given by the Npower team via social media platform, something good is being cooked behind doors for the Nexit program applicants. Hence, all hope shouldn’t be lost as most of these applicants who don’t have any source of livelihood will smile in due course.
The most important thing now is for all Applicants to exercise patient, and hope for the best.

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