Npower Resumes October, November, December Backlog Payment

The Npower Program’s management has resumed Npower Batch C’s three-month backlog payment (October, November, and December). The payment began on May 2, 2023.

Remember that Npower management launched a validation portal a few weeks back and advised beneficiaries to authenticate their account details in order to reclaim their unpaid balance?

Beneficiaries who authenticated their account details are receiving payments in stages. If you have not received your three-month (October, November, and December) stipends, please be patient as payment has begun.

Though Npower and Nasims have not yet shared this update on their communication channels as they usually do, beneficiaries who have received the payment are now confirming the payment via their usual social media discussion platforms.

We anticipate that payments for January, February, March, and April stipends will be made soon after the unpaid backlog is cleared.

2 thoughts on “Npower Resumes October, November, December Backlog Payment”

  1. Please this statement I don’t understand..

    Beneficiaries who authenticated? What are you talking about please..
    Because the account am using since we have started this program is still the one am using… please explain…you mean I should go to bank ..


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