Npower Stream 2: How To Resolve Forgotten Password Issue With Fingerprint Capturing

We’ll talk about how Npower Nasims Portal Forgotten Password Applicants Can Use Biometrics now. So continue reading!

The management of Npower Nasims has resumed the shortlisting process for Npower batch C stream 2 applications and has requested prospective beneficiaries to check the nasims self-service site to determine if they have progressed to the verification stage and then conduct their biometrics fingerprint capture. Details can be found here. Nasims has released a list of Npower Batch C Stream 2 candidates who have been shortlisted for biometric testing.

While some have verified and completed their biometrics, others are still having trouble logging into the portal to see if they have been selected for biometrics fingerprint capture.

If you’re a Npower stream 2 applicant who can’t remember your Nasims portal profile password login information, this post is for you. See the steps below to see if you’ve been chosen for biometrics.

  • Keep in mind that this will only function if you remember your Npower ID and have been selected for biometrics. Your Npower ID is the number in your profile that begins with NPWR/2020/XXXXXX
  • If you forget your password and are unable to visit the Nasims portal to see if you have been shortlisted for biometrics, the sole option is to travel to a cyber cafe with your Npower ID and have the cyber cafe operator utilize the Nasims portal biometrics software to capture your fingerprint directly.

You can also verify your Npower id or selection status by dialing *45665#.

If you do this and your fingerprint is successfully taken, you have been Shortlisted; however, if your fingerprint is not successfully captured, it is possible that you have not yet been picked for the biometrics step.

Do this while working with the Npower Nasims support team to address your password issue. You can contact them by email at or by phone at 01888540, 092203102, 018888148, or 018888189.

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  1. Good morning sir/ma please I want to ask we that apply for Npower with OND results under N creative is it a year program or months, and how much is our monthly payment thanks.

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