NYIF Latest: What You Must Know About BAOBAB NYIF Loan Selection SMS

Following yesterday’s update by FMYSD on the NYIF loan, we noticed that several NYIF applicants have been questioning the legitimacy of a text message issued to them by BAOBAB Microfinance bank regarding the NYIF Selection. As a result, we decided to write this article to shed more light.

If you received a text message from baobab which stated:

“You have been selected as a beneficiary of the Nigeria Youth Investment Visit any of our branches or https://bit.ly/3N6VLOW. Call 07000226222, and check your email.”

Make sure the text message is genuine. You may respond to the SMS or email that the NYIF Loan management FMYSD has sent you.

BAOBAB is a microfinance bank that we believe is one of the partner banks that is tasked with disbursing the NYIF loan to the correct beneficiaries.

BAOBAB, formerly Microcred, has earned notoriety for its ability to combine financial viability with excellent social and environmental outcomes. Baobab is a responsible financial institution that adheres to the Smart Campaign Principles of fair, respectful, and nondiscriminatory business practices and customer protection. We devised a credit rating approach that permits precise assessment of the borrower’s financial status in order to avoid excessive debt.

To understand more about this, visit the BAOBAB website at https://baobabgroup.com/ng.

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