NYIF Loan Training Invitation Message For March 2021

We are pleased to inform the general public and the applicants of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) that the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports
Development has started sending invitation messages to all successfully shortlisted applicants of NYIF loan.

Therefore, if you are an applicant of NYIF loan, kindly check your email for training invitation message. Please kindly note, the training will hold online.

When you check your email address, shortlisted applicants are expected to receive a message such as the one shown below:

“Dear NYIF Applicant,

Following your application, you have been shortlisted for the NYIF Loan. Therefore, you have been admitted for the compulsory entrepreneurship training, scheduled for Tuesday March 23, 2021 from 8 am to 5.30pm. The Training will hold on the eLearning Portal of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development.

Please, NOTE that you have been shortlisted as a beneficiary for the NYIF Loan and if you are absent from the Training you will not be able to access the NYIF Loan. Therefore, you are advised to be present and punctual for all sessions.

To access the eLearning Portal, a Login email will be sent to the email address you used for registration for the NYIF. Please follow the Login guide carefully. You have been assigned to eClass C. Please check your email regularly.


  1. I have done with my registration but I’m not yet receive eclass training message please help me out

    • I here by apply for the above named subject matter,I am indigene of Nigeria.
      Yours faith fully
      Ibrahim Mohammed Ngileruma

  2. Dear sir,
    I wish to write and notify the authority that i am still waiting for training and loan, approval,
    I hope the authority will favourably considered my complain.
    Your faithfully,
    Muhammad isah

  3. Dear Nyif I have already complete my protal but off to know I don’t receive my invitation training so that I need you assistance .

    My almighty Allah countue bleess your life Amen .

  4. Am waiting for my training please let me know when the training will commence .and I don’t get the training link yet

  5. I have received pre-qualified massage from NYIF since last month. That’s February 12.
    I am now waiting for the training, and eclass massage from NYIF

  6. Please I don’t understand, is it after you receive a text that you’ve been pre-qualified for the loan,then you receive email for the training? Or you’ve gone pass that process? I really do not understand this.

  7. I have not received a pre-qualified message from NYIF.please, help me out. Thanks

  8. i have received pre qualified message 4rom nyif, but unfortunately i give wrong email addres during initial registration, sir what can i do to enable me to be part of the programme. thank you

  9. Ask you sir I have apply for Nigerian youth empowerment programme but am not see anything up to now

    • Thanks you for your this assistance l a m waiting for you Sir for this issue in the loan

  10. What if you are not sent email or message, does that means you are not shortlisted and that’s all or another list will be out?

  11. Please sir, I have an issue during filling the application, I mistakenly put my Hnd certificate on place I suppose to put indegene letter, any hope for me. Because I didn’t put indegine letter.

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