NYIF Shortlist: Applicants should check their inbox

If you applied for the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (IYIF) loan, you need to check your email now. Keep reading to get the full gist.

NYIF is a program that no Nigerian youth should take for granted. Many people have already applied for the program. In case this is your first time of hearing about the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund, kindly *Click Here to get more details about the scheme.

During the NYIF registration processes, applicants are told to input their e-mail addresses. The reason if for further communication with the NYIF management.

So, concerning the NYIF shortlist, all applicants should open their e-mail inbox or spam folder to check for message from NYIF.

This will help you to know when your application has been processed, and not to be misled by fraudsters.

We will keep updating you as regards to NYIF. Thank you.

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