NYSC Batch A 2020 Stream 1 Returns To Camp On November 21st

  • 2020 Batch ‘A’ Stream 1 Corps members are to go back to orientation camp on November 21st. Loan.

Evidence has emerged that 2020 Batch ‘A’ Stream 1 Corps Members whose orientation course was truncated due to the Covid19 outbreak in Nigeria will, on November 21st return to the NYSC camps for the completion of their orientation exercise. Loan

How it will work .get loan

Batch B 2020 Stream IA prospective corps members will enter camp on November 10th, then on November 21st, Batch ‘A’ 2020 Stream I Corps Members will join the Batch ‘B’ 2020 Stream IA on orientation camps. Loan.

However, the NYSC social media handler has denied that the scheme is making any arrangement to take back Batch ‘A’ 2020 Stream 1 Corps Members back to camp on 21st November. See the image below:

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But this seems as if the NYSC social media handler is lacking some important information because the NYSC timetable committee has just made a publication where it stated that Batch ‘A’ 2020 Stream 1 will be joining Batch B 2020 Stream IA on camp from 21st November. See image below; get loan

Meanwhile, the NYSC Director-General, Brig. Gen. Ibrahim Shauibu had said times without number that Batch A 2020 Stream 1 must return to orientation camp to complete their orientation course. Quick Loan

Note: it is not yet clear if all the 2020 Batch A Stream I Corps Members will return to camp on November 21. It maybe done group by group with strict compliance to Covid19 protocols. Government loan.

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  1. As a married lady do I need to do another national I’d card and bvn carrying my husband’s name before I can be paid my monthly allowance?

  2. Pls NYSC have done with everything possible just to enable me to follow this resent batch B for camping on 10th of this month but unfortunately something cameup and I don’t wish to camp with the resent batch again….what will I need to do??? And what are the consequence

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