NYSC Camp Food: Shocking thing you don’t know

Corps members are not allowed to cook individually in camp, however there’s provision to take care of their feedings. In this post, we shall look at NYSC camp food and shocking thing you need to know.

In NYSC Orientation Camp, food is being prepared and served by kitchen staff for both Corps members and NYSC staff.

Food is only made available by kitchen staff at specific time of the day in agreement with “NYSC time rule”.

The NYSC time rules says that soldiers should determine how corps members will use their times. Time to eat, rest, parade, sleep, worship, standstill and so on are all determined by camp soldiers.

In NYSC camp, Corps members enjoy 3 meal per day such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

NYSC Camp food time table

Below is the camp food time table;

  • Breakfast is usually served at 7:30am – 8:55am.
  • Lunch is served at 2:00pm – 3:30pm
  • Dinner is served at 6:30pm to 8:00pm

See the image below;

Nysc camp food

The time table is designed to inform Corps members when they should expect food.

Also, once food is ready, soldiers will blow military bugle to tell Corps members to start going to camp kitchen. Any corps member who does not collect food at that time may not have opportunity to collect it again.

NYSC meal menu for days in a week
Nysc food time table

There are corps members who would prefer buying food at camp market (mammy market) to eating camp food.

This is because it’s widely believe that NYSC camp food is of low quality. Despite that, many corps members still queue to collect the food.

Shocking thing about NYSC meal you should know
The Federal Government budgets over N3billion for feeding of corps members in Stream 1 & 2 of every batch and camp officials. Each Corps member and each NYSC official is to be fed with N500 daily.

However, if you are complaining about the quality of NYSC food, divide N500 by 3 square meal, and know if NYSC is trying or not.


  1. Do you think NYSC is trying feeding you 3 times per day with N500?

  2. Would you rather take N500 or the Food? Tell us in the comment section below.

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