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Before I drop the pen of advice to Prospective corps members (PCMs), I would love to emphasize on the issue of $ex in camp.

Many of you are having that mindset of going to NYSC orientation camp with condoms; not bad though! While some of you heard from ex-corpers that in camp you can have access to free $ex with fellow corpers.

Please, don’t be a disgrace to your family. Hold your body because it is just three weeks. I have seen in my batch where eight (8) corpers were de-kited and decamped some days to our camp POP because they were caught having $ex in ‘Mammy’ market at night.

Think of the stress and the shame you have caused to your family and the society.

Again, be friendly with camp officials but never have $ex with camp officials just because you want redeployment or good posting.

Most female Corps members derived pleasure having $ex with soldiers, man o’ war, even cleaners, vigilante just because they want to be redeployed or they need a good posting.

Are you that cheap? A graduate? Allowing a soldier with myopic reasoning to have you! Is disgusting. To be Frank, soldiers has nothing to do with your posting.

I have seen cases where after soldier promised some ladies either redeployment or good posting, at the end, the secret came out when nothing of such was done. The only thing that can give you good posting is for you to be active in all platoon activities.

Try to be fellowship executives because they are mostly posted in the state capital. So if you want to be posted in the state capital, try to be serious with your fellowship and also try to be made an executive. And then hold any God you serve strong.

Again, during your platoon meetings, there is a general contribution you will be asked to pay.. Either 500 or a 1000 Naira. The secret is….

This money is not compulsory because it is only used to facilitate platoon needs. In my time we were 200 in my platoon and we all paid 500 which amount to about 150,000 and we spent just 50,000 inside that money…

We then foolishly used the rest to enrich our platoon officer. I will advice you not to even pay. Some people might even like to show off by contributing more, even like 10,000 like a lady did in my set. Please.. Don’t do it, be wise!

Finally, stealing is somehow legalized in camp. So, the moment you get your kites. Get a maker and customized them very well. Thank you.

I never had this opportunity to hear all these on this platform last year so I really faced hell but honestly you will thank me later.

I Rep. 2018 Batch C (NYSC Camp Stories)

Read $ex in NYSC Camp Stories by Yusuf Musa Dan Sauro

Nysc orientation camp

I’m a serving corps member. Before going to the orientation camp, I have heard so many people talking about the freedom someone gain in the camp.

They even said that in camp $ex is free of charge and added that Corp members are provided with the numbers of condoms by camp officials for their safety. But when I get into the camp the story is different.

The issue of having $ex and even distribution of free condoms is a huge false. Nothing like that happen because there is strong security issues for corps members in that regard.

You will never get opportunity to have $ex with your own money let alone doing it for free.

I’m advising those that will find themselves in the camp In these couples of days to please try as much as possible to refrain themselves from all sorts of evil acts.

Do what is good for you so that you can maintain your dignity and earn more respect from both the fellow corps members as well as the officials especially for female Corp members.

You are not that chief to sell you body in the name of relocation or for good posting, your dignity is more important than that.

At last, nobody will ever respect us unless we respect ourselves. Therefore, if you want to be respected by others the great thing that you will do is to respect your self.

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