NYSC Credited A Corper 198,800 Instead of 19,800 (See what happened next)

In December 2018, NYSC mistakenly credited a Corps member, N198,000 (one hundred and ninety eight thousand). If you are the Corper, would you return the money?

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has credited a Corps member with the sum of N198000 instead of the normal N19800.

It was reported that immediately that happened, the Borno State serving Corps member who was credited alerted NYSC. He called on the attention of the NYSC to inform them about the transaction error they made.

After that, he took to his twitter page to share the screenshot of the credit alert he received from his bank, which shows 198,800 instead of N19,800.

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Here’s what he wrote:

“Dear @nysc_ng, I am a Corps Member serving in Borno State, 18BII. Today, 22/12/2018, I was credited with N198,800 as allowance instead of N19,800”

NYSC Credited a Corper 198,800 Instead of 19,800

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His tweet received several mixed reactions from Nigerians before it was deleted. Some blamed him for sharing the tweet which others lauded his courage for pointing out the mistake to the government.

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