NYSC Data Subject Statement – What you must know before you AGREE

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is now extracting Corps members’ personal data which a third party can use for a promotional activities. Please, before you grant NYSC permission to use your data for that purpose, first understand how they will use your personal data. In this post, we will explain the new NYSC Data Subject Statement because Corps members data matter, and it is your right to know how it is been used. See list of federal government free interest loans 2020.

In the past, our data has been messed up. This is digital age and all of us are educated and should be careful. Before we proceed, below is the screenshot of the NYSC Data Subject Statement that is trending online;


I hereby grant the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and all its third-party processors authority to process my personal data for the purpose of; mobilization, deployment, relocation, posting, data rectification, processing allowances and benefits.

I give consent for my personal information to be used (if need be) for research, statistics and promotional activities.

I am aware this is necessary for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) legitimate interest to process personal information.

I am aware I can find full description of what personal data the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) collects and the purpose for collection and processing on the official website of the National Youth Service Corps (www.nysc.gov.ng)

I am aware that I may withdraw my consent at any time by using the Data Subject Withdrawal Form.

I am aware that modification of my name, date of birth and other details are subject to NYSC policies/procedures on correction of data.

NYSC Data Subject Statement -

If you are a Corps member, once you login to your dashboard at the NYSC online portal, you will see this warning message, as shown above. The funniest thing is, when you click “I Do Not Agree”, NYSC will log you out. So, technically, you must “Agree”. This means that NYSC is forcing graduates to agree to the data usage term.

Our interpretations

From the first paragraph, NYSC is asking you to grant the scheme and all its third party permission to use your personal information. Now, to confuse some people, they said “for the purpose of mobilization, deployment, relocation, etc”.

The second paragraph is telling you what NYSC really want to use your data for; “research, statistics and promotional activities.”

The truth is that NYSC may sell your data to a third party organization for promotional purpose (advertisement) which they cannot do freely without your consent, or you sue them to court.

Your phone number and e-mail address and other personal data may no longer be safe as third parties can access it from NYSC and bombard you with annoying ads which can be in form of text messages, call, etc.

Although, there is an option to unsubscribe, but as soon as you complete your NYSC, you may not have access to your dashboard on NYSC portal, which means you would have to live with those annoying ads forever. If NYSC technically force graduates to ‘Agree’, then they cannot be trust to process Data Subject Withdrawal Form.

Aside from advertisement, you may walk, and see your personal information being published by one useless organization including your picture, where you never want it to appear.

Why would NYSC need data for promotional activities? Are they now Facebook or Google? Even Facebook and Google own is optional. Again, why would NYSC give third parties your data?

Well, maybe NYSC wants to sell data or run promotions with it.

As you can see the warning usage is not for the NYSC normal mobilization use and the likes, if so they would not have been giving out warning.

At the moment, if you click “I Do Not Agree”, you will be logged out and if you log in, you will be asked again until you “Agree”. This makes me to think it is by force.

Why should anyone wants to accept this? Is NYSC looking for other sources of revenue?

However, a blog nyscnews.com recalled that “during the previous batches, there was a message on the NYSC dashboard asking Corps Members to give NYSC the permission to use their data for promotional purposes and other things”, but it was optional and this made a lot of people ignore the message.

“Now, this same consent data is coming up on our login screen just that this time around, it’s indirectly mandatory”.

Be wise, your data privacy matters!!!

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  1. Wilson Emmanuel Oshioke

    What then is the right way to go about the data consent warning if it’s mandatory and not optional? “As the post rightly states that you will be logged out if you do not agree”

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