NYSC Double Allowance: What you must know

Nysc double allowance

NYSC double allowance occurs due to technical glitch, usually caused by bugs or simple say, it’s an error in the paying system.

Over the years, this has been a major challenge to the management of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

However, it’s important to know that NYSC double payment is never a blessing to beneficiaries, rather a time bomb that will soon explode.

Therefore, it’s advised that any corps member who receives double or multiple allowance from NYSC should return it before his/her final clearance.

Below are what you should know about the NYSC double payment;

Is it possible to receive double payment from NYSC?

Yes, it normally occur when there is hitch or error in the system of payment. So, it do happen once in a while.


Where is the extra money come from?

When you receive double allowance from NYSC, it means another person’s allowance was paid to you.

The person whose allowance was paid to you will not receive his/her allowance for that month except if you return the money to NYSC.

Should I pray to receive NYSC double allowance?

No, don’t pray for such. If you receive double allowance, try your possible best to return the excess to NYSC. If you don’t return the money, NYSC will eventually track and punish you.

So, what should I do if they pay me double allowance?

Report the matter to NYSC through your LGI. Your LGI will direct you on how to return the money to the NYSC management. Please, make sure that you collect a receipt or evidence of refund when you refund the money.


What will happen if I spend the money?

NYSC will fish you out during your final clearance and punish you accordingly for being dishonest. The punishment could be extension of service year up to 3 months without pay, and you will still return the money to NYSC.

How are they going to fish me out?

Recall that all Corps members opened a new bank account in camp for receiving NYSC allowance. This makes it easier for NYSC to catch those who receive double allowance.

So, during the final clearance, NYSC will ask every corps member to submit official statement of their allowance accounts. The statements are to be obtained from banks, from the date they started service to the date of passing out parade.

From the bank statement, NYSC will fish out those who received double allowance and refused to return it.

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