NYSC Oath of Allegiance: Read Before Agree

Every Corps member is expected to read carefully the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Oath of Allegiance before Agree.

Once you swear the oath of allegiance, it would be used against you if you go centrally to the terms. So, here we will show you the sample of the NYSC oath of allegiance:

During the NYSC swearing-in ceremony, every prospective corps member (PCM) will be asked to sign and swear the NYSC oath of allegiance before a chief judge.

NYSC Oath of Allegiance
Corps members swearing NYSC oath of allegiance

Sample of NYSC oath of allegiance

I ____________(First name, Middle name, Last name) Member of the National Youth Service Corps 20___. Hereby pledge to follow at all the times the leadership of those in Authority irrespective of their social and educational background and in particular,

I shall:

(a) At all times and in all places think, act, regard myself and speak first as a Nigerian, before anything else;

(b) Be proud of the fatherland, appreciate and cherish the culture, the tradition, arts and language of the nation;

(c) Be prepared to serve honestly, faithfully and if need be, pay the supreme sacrifice for the fatherland; my comment {what is the supreme sacrifice can this includes going to war for our nation}

(d) Be well-informed about the history, geography, economy and the resources of Nigeria;

(e) Regard fellow Nigerians as my brothers and sisters and myself as my brother’s keeper;

(f) Have a healthy attitude to work and play. I shall not only be ready to work in any part of the country to which I am deployed, but also genuinely identify myself with the problems and aspirations of the people of the area in which I work;

(g) Tackle difficulties and challenges in a disciplined and self-reliant manner, constitutionally pursuing grievances and properly channeling such for redress;

(h) See myself as a leader who must give effective leadership by my transparent, honest and selfless service;

(i) Detest and shun bribery and all forms of corruption and nepotism;

(j) Be courteous and polite to all and sundry;

(k) Be obedient without being slavish; my comment {can this include forcing corper members for INEC work}

(l) Always remember the motto and strive continuously to live up to the ideals of the National Youth Service Corps during and after my service year.

So help me God: AMEN
THIS _______DAY OF
____Month____ 20___

(Chief Judge of _____ State)

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